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essay: confronting the grey areas in yourself when living in a black-and-white world

Disclaimer: This is a personal piece which details my own thoughts and experiences. In reading this, you may think that I’m just another ‘woke Zoomer’ living in an ‘overly PC world’ trying to follow ‘trends and nonsensical labels to be cool’. I appreciate that that is your opinion and you may feel unwilling to change, I just ask that you please try to be respectful and keep an open mind as you digest this essay. Thank you. - As I was nearing the end of my final edit, I read via Instagram that Ciara Doran from Pale Waves (one of my favourite bands) announced that they identify as non-binary. Their post really resonated with me and helped provide me with the courage I needed to publish this. Maybe this essay will have the same impact on someone reading this, and remind them that whoever you are, and whatever you’re feeling, is valid and important.    -   I’ve never felt completely content within myself. I could never work out what it was, but throughout my life, I felt polar opposite to

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