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Life Update (spoiler alert: idk what I'm doing pals)

It’s January 2023 (happy new year!), which means I’m technically halfway through my “gap year”. A very accidental gap year that I accidentally fell into when the drama school I moved country for shut down. “Accidentally”.   Taking the advice of therapists, level-headed adults (not that I’m not an adult, but in this scenario, I shall play the role of angsty twenty-something juvenile) and following the footsteps of Joanne Woodward * , I decided university can wait and I should become my top priority- at least for a while. It’s not that I now regret my decision so much that I’m a tad disappointed. See, when I envisioned a year of freedom, I saw myself finally travelling like I’ve always dreamed of, I saw myself becoming more creative and writing every day and picking up new hobbies, I saw myself with an endless number of acting jobs. I saw success.    I’ve recently had the realisation that ‘success’ to me is just productivity. I’ve forced myself out of bed and visited one of the various c

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